Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sydney Nova Scotia

Kings Road is outside of Downtown Sydney and After Reconstruction of Kings Road and The Wentworth Park in Sydney Nova Scotia.  Water Fountain is going again for another summer for the kids to get under the waterfountain to get cooled off during the Hot and Humid Days in the Year

Here is the Pictures of the Water Fountain on the Pond at the Wentworth Park.

Downtown Sydney and The North End of Sydney are the Oldest Parts of the Sydney Nova Scotia it was found in the late 1700s and Cosset House is the Oldest House in Sydney Nova Scotia.  Esplanade is the Name of the Street next to the Sydney Harbor it has Delta Hotel, Government Wharf, Sydney Board Walk, Governors Restaurant,  Former Smooth Herman's Bar, MacKenzie College, New Moon Restaruant, Carquest,  Lawton's Drugs and Kenny's Pizza on Charlotte Street in Downtown Sydney Nova Scotia

Here is the Pictures of Sydney Nova Scotia.

Centre 200 is where the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles Play during the Winter Months and Centre 200 is the home for the Screaming Eagles.

New Moon Restaurant is one of the Chinese Restaurant's in Sydney Nova Scotia and Lots of People Go There to Eat the Chinese and Canadian Food there all the time.

Kenny's pizza on Corner of Charlotte Street that is where the people to buy their pizza at and other foods.

Here is the Esplanade it is a street very close to the waterfront in Sydney Nova Scotia and People walk there during the hot days in the summer months and it is very windy there during the winter months.

Welcome to Downtown Sydney Sign.

Sydney is the Only Other Sydney in Nova Scotia other than Halifax and It used to Be the Steel Capital of Eastern Canada until it Closed down in year 2000.